Saariselkä Treklife retkihiihtäjä kurkkaa taaksepäin

Chapel of St. Paul in Saariselkä

The St. Paul ecumenical Chapel in Saariselkä was completed in 1996. It is a fell chapel built from logs and seats a congregation of 210. The fell chapel has a unique altarpiece, a window behind the altar, from which a majestic view of the fells opens.
A mass is held in the Chapel every Sunday at 7p.m. and at high seasons other events every night. Concerts of some of Finland’s favorite singers are often organized in the chapel.

Inari parish

Is founded on 7 March 1881.
The surface area of the church is the biggest in Finland, 17 000 square kilometers.
Inari parish has four churches and chapels:
• Main church in Ivalo (1966)
• Sámi church in village Inari (1951)
• Wilderness church by the lake Pielpajärvi (1760)
• Chapel in village Saariselkä (1996)

The Inari parish is focused on children's day care, scouts, youth and family work and diaconia.