Saariselkä Treklife retkihiihtäjä kurkkaa taaksepäin

Design House Idoli


Design House Idoli is located at the Ukonjärvi lake, 10 km north from Ivalo and about 40 km north from Saariselkä.


Finnish design is introduced at the primary sources of its colours, forms and inspiration in the "Finnish Design Idols Go WILDerness" exhibition.
The period and timelessness of design as well as its eternality and the present moment meet each other amidst the peace and quiet of wilderness nature.
Tradition, materials and respect for their special characteristics, in addition to their minimalized aestheticism, are one with their environment here.
This exhibition is a unique experience which will open up the special connection between nature and Finnish Design for you.
Embraced by the serene quiet of the wilds, you too can now be part of this connection.

The service comprises

• a guided exhibition
• DVD presentation of our idols
• refreshments and snacks served in the HELMI glass kota (Lapp tepee)
• the possibility to purchase products on display (not including mobile phones)
• max. for 12 persons
More information: Design House Idoli

Producer: Design House Idoli, y-04325048.