Saariselkä Treklife retkihiihtäjä kurkkaa taaksepäin

Inari Sámi Church

Inari lutheran sámi church is located in the middle of the living lappish culture in Inari village.
It is the only sámi church in Finland. There is the strong lappish atmosphere inside the church.
Church has been open from year 1952, but it is the second church on the scene.
First one was there 45 years before it was destroyed in World War II. Only the steel bell survived from the bombing of the war.
The sámi church has been renovated over the years and in year 1982 it got the first bell tower which replaced the bell stand.
The steel bell got just a small crack when it falls from the tower almost 80 years ago.
We can still hear the small crackles in the bells ringing tone.

Inari parish

Is founded on 7 March 1881.
The surface area of the church is the biggest in Finland, 17 000 square kilometers.
Inari parish has four churches and chapels:
• Main church in Ivalo (1966)
• Sámi church in village Inari (1951)
• Wilderness church by the lake Pielpajärvi (1760)
• Chapel in village Saariselkä (1996)

The Inari parish operations focused on children's day care, scouts, youth and family work and diaconia.

Pictures: Inarin seurakunta / Inari parish