Saariselkä Treklife retkihiihtäjä kurkkaa taaksepäin

Ivalo Orthodox Church

Ivalo orthodox St. Nicholas Church is located in the center of Ivalo village. Built in 1960. It was a small Chapel until year 1994.
At the time, after renovation, it was consecrated as a church. St. Nicholas day is on 6 December.

Orthodox Church of Lapland

Orthodox Church of Lapland covers almost whole Lapland. Main Church is in Rovaniemi.
In Inari municipality most of parishioner are Skolt Sámi. Churchs and Chapel are built there where the people are:
• Church in Ivalo (1960)
• Church in Nellim (1987)
• Church in Sevettijärvi (1951)
• Chapel in Keväjärvi (2008)

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Picture: Orthodox Church of Lapland