Saariselkä Treklife retkihiihtäjä kurkkaa taaksepäin

Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos

The Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos creates better conditions for the Sámi to freely maintain and develope their own language, culture and livelihood and cultural self-goverment. The Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos fundamentally improves their opportunity to provide information of the Sámi as indigenous people of Finland. The Sámi Cultural Centre is an interesting and attractive meeting point, both nationally and internationally.

The parties of Sajos

Restaurant Lyeme

The Lyeme Restaurant accommodates 50 guests, which can be increased to 140 by making used of the adjoining Dollagáddi Hall. The restaurant is situated on the first floor next to the lobby and conference rooms. The large windows of the restaurant offer magnificent views of the Juutuanjoki river and partly of Lake Inari. The Lyeme is a licensed restaurant.
Restaurant Lyeme offers lunches, cafes, á la carte dinners, cocktail services and catering services.

Sámi Duodji

Sámi Duodji is the association of Sámi handicrafts in Finland, with only genuine Sámi handicrafts and Sámi literature and music. In the gallery-shop all handicrafts are induvidual and a reflection of their makers. More information:Duodji Shop

Sámi Library

Nowadays libraries ensure that people have equal access to sources of knowledge and culture; so do we in Inari. The library’s information services as well as other services have been developed according to customer-orientation, rapid feedback, quality control and continuity.
In 2012 the branch library in Inari moved into the new Sami culture centre. It contains material in Sami languages as well as Sami archives.

The Sámi Archives

The Sámi Archives operates at the Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos. The archives are part of the National Archives of Finland.
The mission of the Sámi Archives is:
• to support and promote research related to the Sámi people;
• strengthen Sámi culture and increase the amount of historical information about the Sámi people;
• take care of digitising documents related to the Sámi people and the Sámi region;
• make documents available for customers via the online services of the National Archives Service.
More information: The Sámi Archives


SámiSoster is a national, registered association which purpose in accordance with its rules is to look after, uphold and promote the Sami people’s position and rights as indigenous people within social and health services and in other questions concerning welfare both nationally and internationally.
The organizational activities within the social and health services of the Sami population include development, trial, rehabilitation and research projects as well as information services and publishing. The association aims to see to it that the Sami people’s social and health services and the organizational assistance work are organized in the Sami language and that they are planned and put into practise based on the Sami culture and traditions, supporting the Sami people’s way of life and their communities.

The Sámi Education Institute

The purpose of the Sámi Education Institute is to provide education mainly for the needs of the Sámi Area, to maintain and develop Sámi culture and nature-based occupations, and to promote the production of educational material published in Sami.
The departments of the Sámi Education Institute are located in the municipality of Inari, in the villages of Inari, Ivalo and Kaamanen. Furthermorethe institute has a co-ordinator in the municipality of Enontekiö. The administrative center is in Inari.
Education in vocational qualifications:
- in Natural and Environmental Protection, 120 credits (Toivoniemi)
- in Crafts and Design, 120 credits, Artisan (Inari)
- in Hotel and Restaurant Services, 120 credits (Ivalo)
- in Social and Health Care, 120 credits, Practical Nurse (Ivalo)
- in Business Information Technology, 120 credits, Datanom (Ivalo
- in Business and Administration, 120 credits, Merkonom (Ivalo)
- in the Tourism Industry, 120 credits (Ivalo/Inari)
Education in Sami Culture
- A variety of short courses in Sami (e.g. language and handicraft courses)
All-round Education:
- Communication Studies
- Studies in Northern Languages
Preparatory courses for vocational examinations
- Further Qualification in Wilderness and Nature Guide
- Further Qualifications in Sami Craft
- Further Qualification in Reindeer Husbandre
More information:The Sámi Education Institute