Saariselkä Treklife retkihiihtäjä kurkkaa taaksepäin

Tankavaara Visitor Centre


Tankavaara Visitor Centre is located in Tankavaara, about 30 km south from Saariselkä.


Tankavaara Visitor Centre provides information on the history of Urho Kekkonen National Park or Koilliskaira. Visitors also learn about the area’s versatile nature, and the history of nature utilisation and hiking in Lapland. There is also an exhibition on birds of prey.

Permanent Exhibition

There is an exhibition on reasons why Urho Kekkonen National Park is worthy of protection. The visitor gets acquainted with the land, formerly inhabited by the Forest Sámi. This area’s landscape has been molded considerably by man from the 17th century onward. The exhibition also outlines the events of the past few decades, which led to the founding of the National Park.
The Tankavaara Visitor Centre children’s cave is a place for the youngest in the family to experience a winter night atmosphere.
The aim of Urho Kekkonen National Park is not only to preserve natural habitats, but also to safeguard the traditional ways of livelihood and traditional hiking possibilities of the region. This is why the exhibition displays Sámi culture, reindeer husbandry, and the history of hiking.

Birds of Prey Exhibition

Urho Kekkonen National Park is an important habitat of the Golden Eagle. The Visitor Centre exhibition on birds of prey has displays on the lives and distinguishing features of the Golden Eagle and nine other birds of prey, indigenous to Lapland. There are illustrative pictures and models of each species, to aide in learning to identify them. In our nature photography booth visitors see the wonders of the Wilderness in spring. The exhibition has exciting sights and sounds for children to enjoy.

The Grounds

During summer, there are four different nature trails in the vicinity of the Visitor Centre that visitors can walk along. The new geological nature trail, 6 km, was opened in August.
During winter, a kilometre-long adventure trail is in use. The three and six kilometre-long nature trails are suitable for snowshoe walking. There is a wooden Lapp pole tent on the grounds of the Visitor Centre. It is suitable for a little break by open fire. There are a Lapp pole tent and a campfire site along the three and six kilometre-long nature trails.
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